Rimfire Rifle for Beginners

Course Includes:

  • practical rifle safety
  • rifle set-up
  • precision shooting fundamentals
  • scope fundamentals
  • cleaning and maintenance
  • certificate of achievement

Shotgun Shooting for Beginners

Course includes:

  • how to pattern test your shotgun. Demonstration of various types of ammo
  • how to select your choke to suit the needs of the day.
  • how to ensure that your gun fits correctly to your shoulder.
  • shooting at stationary targets
  • shooting at flying targets.
  • picking the right ammo for the task.
  • reading and understanding chamber length.
  • clay bird unlimited practise.
  • cleaning, caring for and storage of your gun, ammo and accessories

Maximum of 5 per course or book for one on one tuition. Group bookings for 4 people or more will receive a 10% discount.

PLEASE NOTE: ammo and clays not included in costs. We buy in bulk to keep costs down.

Centre-fire rifle for beginners

Course includes:

  • basics of your rifle and scope (if fitted)
  • how to zero your scope to your rifle
  • explain ballistics of various rounds of ammo and help you select the ammo you need to use.
  • various positions for shooting your rifle
  • how to group your rounds on our targets
  • field shooting at various ranges on game targets
  • a practical shooting test to finish up.
  • how to clean rifle after firing, also caring for and storage of your rifle

This is a three hour minimum timed course (allow for 4 hours)

Maximum on course is two.

We only use factory ammo – if you wish to bring your own it must be approved factory loads.

We supply

  • firearms (or you can bring your own)
  • ammunition (good quality factory loads only)
  • hearing protection
  • clear shooting eye- protection
  • range fees
  • course notes and paper
  • spotting scopes and tripods
  • transport to range or field

You Bring

  • Seasonal clothing
  • Sunglasses
  • Wet weather gear
  • Your lunch


  • The courses start at 10.00am
  • Lunch 12.00- 12.30 (hot and cold drinks provided).
  • Finishing time may vary from 2.30 to 3.30pm.
  • Extra Tuition can be tailored to your needs and budget.

This can cover:

  • rifle (rimfire and centrefire)
  • shotgun (claybird shooting included)
  • introduction to pistol club & pistol shooting (range fee applies)

I can take you to the range for target practice or to a field range for game simulation.

Game shooting by arrangement


  • Beginner package: (4 hrs) $150 per person, plus ammunition
  • Tuition: $28/hour, plus ammunition

Your Instructor

Colin Shore (Masterton, Wairarapa)

  • experienced in all disciplines of shooting
  • Mountain Safety Council firearms instructor
  • hold a bush instructors warrant with MSC
  • Fish and Game ranger
  • keen hunter who enjoys the outdoors
  • Army trained armourer
  • experienced gunsmith